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28 Total lessons

On everything from choosing your partner types and persona's, partner incentive structure, partner sales, cold outreach, co-selling, PRM, integrations, partner directory, copywriting, using LinkedIn, and even team alignment.

21 Expert Trainers

We sought-out experts from three sides of the partnerships equation: agencies who partner with SaaS, SaaS partner programs experts, and developers of the products necessary to scale your program.

The Agency-Instructors

The SaaS Partnerships Expert Instructors

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Sample Partner Program Brief [Example]

    • External partner enablement resources

    • 20-min Partner Tracks Presentation Template

  • 2

    Partnerships Growth and Sales Strategies

    • A process for creating, finding and enriching your “Ideal” partner persona

    • Deconstruct your agency partner incentives

    • A thought exercise for determining the projected success of a partner program.

    • A strategy for winning top-tier implementation agency partnerships.

    • Partner webinar's are awful for your partners (trust us)... here's a better way:

    • Two weekly co-selling strategies for creating more valuable partnerships

    • Ambassador and Affiliate Strategies

    • Partner sales stack and workflow

    • How to persuade partners with excellent copy w/ Todd Clarke

  • 3

    Agency-partners speak to partnerships - Ops and enablement

    • How White Label Agencies Vet New Software Relationships

    • Attracting sales and marketing technology implementation partners

    • What to know about 'Reseller' Partnerships w/ Alex Bass

    • Learn from a top agency doing partnerships - how Hawke Media defines, finds, acquires and retains their partners.

    • MuteSix's best partnerships - types, whitelisted relationships, their ideal process for partnering, and how it all plays out:

    • A strategy for winning top-tier implementation agency partnerships.

  • 4

    Directories and Integration Partnerships

    • Getting marketing to look at it through the partnerships lens

    • Partner Directory Review, Optimizations and Options

    • How and why of integrations strategy for the Partnerships team

  • 5

    Everything you need to know about when / why and what of PRM and Co-Selling Software:

    • How do agency-partners interact with a PRM and their partner managers

    • Qualifying your program for a PRM and how to ensure you are ready to make the tool integral

    • Partnerships Growth Management Stack for Under $200/mo.

  • 6

    Sales Ops and Partner Enablement

    • Budget and KPIs for your Agency Partner Program

    • Choosing a sales system, getting team buy-in on that system

    • Co-selling strategies and guidance with CRO of Crossbeam Jess Waldeck.

    • Partner enablement operations and assets

Part 1:

Incentives, Agency Persona Development, Hook and Beta Partner Intro's

We kick off with one-on-one sessions on defining your partner persona's followed by small group (<5) sessions to develop an attractive incentive structure. After that, we'll be ready to make some introductions based on your product, incentives and a co-marketing hook we'll choose together. The last thing we'll do in August is have the first demo's and onboarding calls into any of the SaaS partner accounts you are interested in from the providers.

Part 2:

PRM Infrastructure, Directory Options, and Enablement Content

One-on-one's with Alex to review stack and program scale viability to prepare for stack talks. AMA's and presentations from Bryn, Josh, GJ, Nash, Greg and Sunir on everything from qualification to integrations planning, budgeting and navigating operational mechanics of a partner program.

Part 3:

Channel Conflict Prevention, Team Alignment, Prospecting and Sales

Next, you're going to need data, so we show you how to use some other free tools we recommend, to find your ideal agency targets and enrich the data. In the second half of October, we spend some time in small groups learning an outreach strategy and then recap our entire sales process recap once more w/ Julian and Stephen. Finally, we review your program's scope and viability in one-on-one's.

Maddy, Head of Marketing/Sales/Partnerships at Smith.ai

"You're building a new program, and this will literally cut out your first 2 years fumbling around like the rest of us did."

Shruti, Partner Management at Chargebee

"I love the AMA sessions Alex! A ton of insights provided by the agencies. This gives me the confidence to speak to upper management and tell them that agencies need more than just commissions."

Matthew Carnevale, Growth at OneLocal

"I can't express how happy I am that I decided to join the Accelerator. I have gained more clarity on partnerships in this program than I have in my last 3 months. It is night and day. It almost feels like a cheat code. In these last two weeks, I gained the confidence to smash all my partner goals for the rest of the year. And for someone who is only 2 years into their professional career, I know what I am learning here will advance it by many years."

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