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Why take this class?

An agency founder we work with told us in the accelerator that he estimates new software partnerships cost him around $10K in staff hours, training, implementation and marketing to get ramped up. Asking agencies to "Partner" when they are just getting to know your software is no small ask. Your team needs a solid strategy to convert agencies to active partners in your ecosystem, and going about it on your own without the knowledge found inside this class can cost you a fortune in missed opportunities and time spent on the wrong initiatives. 

Inside this course is everything you need to know about how to enable AGENCY PARTNERS to spend more of their valuable time / energy / resources learning your software, referring their clients, and baking it into their services. Partner Enablement is the pain point most of our clients and community struggle with most. It requires your team to align on what/why of your offer to agencies, proper strategy planning, and organized execution on top of the tools necessary to run it. It's not easy. Which is why it took us over 20 hours of actionable content to articulate it to you here.

What do you get out of this course?

  1. Over two dozen strategies from experts on all sides of the partnership process. 
  2. Walk-throughs of live enablement strategies and SOPs from Vidyard, Guru, Miro,, Maropost, Thinkific and more...
  3. Interviews with top agency partners like Hawke Media, Aptitude8, and ElectricEye on what enables them to be more active in your program.
  4.  Copywriting and email deep dives. 
  5. And the full backend setup to run partner enablement successfully using tools that offer free access like Guru, Thinkific, Airtable and Miro.

Who teaches this?

This class is hosted by Alex Glenn, founder of, in collaboration with top experts  like like our Accelerator, and everything we do here, we dig deep with experts on all three sides of the partnership: 

  • Agencies lend their experience.
  • Partner/Channel experts give their strategies.
  • And reps from the software that manages partnerships provide the how to...

The instructors

What you get in this course

We aim to please - sessions from experts on both sides of the partnership - actionable strategies, playbooks, SOPs, prospecting copy do's/dont's, the backend management solutions... everything you'll need to get partners to share your solution with their clients faster and more often.

What you get with the content;

  • Private Slack Access

    You'll join our no-fluff, all action Slack group to meet the instructors and receive real time answers to your questions.

  • Virtual Learning

    You are able to absorb all of the strategies on your schedule via video, audio and text.

  • Roundtables

    Starting in late January, all the accelerator participants will be invited to a series of roundtable sessions with the agencies we aim to enable.

And... A Certification!

Completion includes a certificate you can share with your network and employers.

"You're building a new program, and this will literally cut out your first 2 years fumbling around like the rest of us did."

Maddy Martin, Head of Sales,

"During the 3 months of the accelerator, Smile was able to gain full company buy-in and the complete restructure of our partner program. We identified several co-marketing opportunities perfect for our partners, one of which was a focus on content that our partners already had."

Stacy, Partnerships at Smile Software

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