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We are recording two more class as we speak (one on Partner program landing pages and directories, and another on promotions of your new program!) which you will receive via email upon publishing if you register... but here is what we have for you today:

What They Give You
Class Names
Clodagh Higgins, Former Agency Growth Team Lead at HubSpot
Empathetic interview questions for your team to use on agencies.
PDF presentation on knowing agencies.
Maintaining Close and Empathetic Relations with Your Partner Agencies
HighLevel Founders - Shaun Clark & Varun Vairavan
Referral fee's have to be very high when you are agency-channel-only. 
Smaller agencies make better early-stage partner program targets. 
It's very difficult to have a customer-facing and a white label solution. 
Creating a Fully-White Labeled Solution for Agencies
Jay McBain, Forrester Research
71-Page List of Channel Resources / Contacts
What Dictates the NEED for a Channel Program
Alex Bass, founder of CyberBytes
Product and native integrations is the main driver for agency partner decisions.
Your PRM can be deterring partners from partnering with you.
If he had the choice, he’d rather give his clients 30% discount instead of taking a 30% residual.
What Agencies Need From Their Software Partners
Matt Ronay, Partnerships at GazellaWifi
Process to building the agency channel. 
What approach works for new agency acquisition. 
How to properly onboard your agencies.
Operations and Learnings from a Fully-White Labeled Solution
Joseph Fung, founder of
KPIs to look at before starting your program. 
Minimum requirements you should have before starting. 
Tying partners to product roadmapping sooner rather than later.
Partner Program Viability and Strategy
Lisa Lawson, Advisor to
Documents for an Agency-Partner Program Launch.
Putting Together Your Program Build Backlog.
The Why and What of Agency Partner Programs     
Sunir Shah, President of The Cloud Software Association
PRM demo questionnaire to ensure you choose based on what you need.
Choosing a PRM or Tracking Setup
Lee Gladish, Co-Founder of
Example Channel Partner Agreements
What to Consider When Planning a Scalable Channel Program
Mike Donnelly, Founder of Seventh Sense
Examples of good and bad partner acquisition funnels
A Partner Directory To Convert Site Traffic

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Agency Partnerships

    • What Types of Software 'Need' a Partner Program (Jay McBain, Forrester Research)

    • What Your Team Needs To Know About Agency Owner (Clodagh Higgins, Former Agency Growth Team Lead at HubSpot)

    • What Agencies Need From Software Partners (Alex Bass, CEO of CyberBytes)

    • A Strategy for Connecting Current Agency Partners with One Another w/ Cory Snyder

    • Homework

  • 2

    Planning Your Partner Program

    • Partner Program Viability and Strategy (Joseph Fung, CEO of

    • What to Consider When Planning a Scalable Channel Program (Lee Gladish)

    • Creating Your Partner Program Backlog (Lisa Lawson of LPL Consulting)

    • Budget and KPIs for your Agency Partner Program w/ Greg Greenberger

    • Homework

  • 3

    Setting Up Your Partner Program

    • Agency Partner Incentives (Lisa Lawson & Alex Glenn)

    • Choosing a PRM or Tracking Setup (Sunir Shah, CEO of AppBind)

    • How a Partner Directory Converts Site Traffic - Seventh Sense Founder Mike Donnelly

    • How Partner Teams can Attribute Referrals in TCMA and Channel Programs

    • Example Documents to Review

    • Partner directories with CEO of APIdeck

  • 4

    White-Label Programs

    • Creating The Best Product For Agency Resellers - w/ the Founders of HighLevel

    • Operations and Learnings from a Fully-White Labeled Solution (Matt of GazellaWifi)

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