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In these courses, we focus on showing agencies how they can build MRR through software partnerships.

- Mike McDermott, President of Bashfoo

“Partnerships with the tools we know and love is a value-add my agency will continue to provide for our clients. I found a couple of new partnerships from – our clients do not want to deal with the management of all their various software products. Regardless of whether they log in to a dashboard and see our logo or logo of our software partner, they don’t want the hassle of managing all the tools needed to grow their sales and marketing campaigns.”

- Jay McBain, Instructor and Principal Analyst for Channel at

"We have grown from 10,000 software firms a decade ago to now over 175,000. I predict that this number will hit 1 million by 2028."

- Mark Colgan, Founder at Yellow O

“Having a strategic partnership with leading vendors across the Sales and Marketing stack gives me a competitive advantage over other agencies. Building relationships with contacts within these companies ensures that our customer's queries are dealt with faster and were often one of the first agencies to test new product features and releases.”